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In addition, you can read reports on various precognitive dream studies and an article about Scholars on the Psi Frontier.

*** About Dream Journalist ***

Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, anyone who could learn HTML could create a website. That's how Dream Journalist started in 1997. A generation later, the server I'd been using for Dream Journalist was retired and I had to decide whether and how to keep it going. Eventually, I decided to stick with the original form and style, which now may stand as a kind of 20th century cyber antique. The papers and studies offered here -- especially concerning psi aspects of dreaming -- outline some of the activity and thinking on the subject from the 1990s to the present day, at least among like-minded members of IASD. Here's the original introduction to Dream Journalist -- it still holds:

At the annual conferences of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), a number of us who have been keeping dream journals for many years have been meeting to compare the methods and results of managing our dream records. This site was borne of our continuing interest, to showcase the exciting and cutting edge approaches that we share with one another.

I am a writer whose professional and personal paths have been deeply influenced by dreaming. As the co-author of The Practical Psychic (1991), I concluded that there are many means to enlisting our psychic resources, but dreams are the most immediate, regular and available. While writing Parting Company: Understanding the Loss of a Loved One--The Caregiver's Journey (1999), I found instances in which dreams seemed to span the boundary between those who had died and the survivors who cared for them. For years, I wished someone would elaborate on how entertaining dream journals could be and finaly did it myself with a mystery novel, Dreaming the Dead (2008).

I became interested in starting a dream database when I discovered that my dreams contained instances of precognition, and I wanted to devise a means to study them. Whatever reasons you have for working with your dreams, I hope you will find something useful here.

Cynthia Pearson

Articles and Papers on Dream Journal Keeping


A mystery concerning the study of dreams
Cynthia Pearson

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As a lover of mysteries and dreams, I was thrilled to read Dreaming the Dead. Cynthia Pearson deftly stirs light and shadow, humor and deadly danger, insights and excitement into a brilliantly plotted story displaying the powers of the dreaming mind and the strength of the human spirit to seek and deliver justice in service of friendship. A marvelous first novel...bring on more!

Rita Dwyer, Past President, International Association for the Study of Dreams

(c) Cynthia Pearson