A Summary of the Results of the Precognitive Dream Contests of

IASD's PsiberDreaming Conferences

2002 -- 2017


Cynthia Pearson

In 2002, IASD inaugurated its annual PsiberDreaming Conference, an online event featuring presentations on "psi" aspects of dreaming. These conferences have been designed not only to inform participants, but to help them to develop their psi abilities. One of the most engaging ways to do that has been to hold contests that require dreamers to enlist telepathic or precognitive skills.

As the host of the precognitive dream contests, I have applied and refined the protocol I first used in 1991, based on Dr. Marcia Emery's studies on "Programming the Precognitive Dream," which were described in 1989 in Dream Network Bulletin.

Contest participants are given a short list of steps to follow at bedtime, requesting guidance from their dreams to see the target image that will be chosen in the future. They must submit their dreams before a deadline, after which a target image is selected randomly. Below is a brief summary of our winners.

The target of the 2017 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
Scottish painting called "The Skating Minister" was
selected randomly
from a pool of over 200 images on October 1, 2017

1. One dreamer reported "a rather tall" figure "in a black, knee-length coat with big buttons and a beret of the same color,” matching the black, knee length coat of our skater, who also wears a black hat.

2. Similar was a dream of “a strange man . . .dressed in sharp black business suit” in a room that was "very big and airier than usual."

3. Another dreamer captured the presence of a lake as well as a black brother, a metaphoric representation of the black clad minister.

4. One dreamer's series of dreams featuring water and “something with a British vibe” were amplified by moving video perspectives, very like those of a moving skater.

5. Another dreamt first of “men in dark suits” who were standing, then of being “a young British man” competing in a bicycle circuit that became “a ski jump situation.” His ensuing reflections on winter sports convinced us that what he was circling was the target.

One dream stood out as dramatically precognitive, but not of the target. A dreamer recounted, "I see a police vehicle . . . across the street. This policeman can take me to my destination! I run over to the vehicle to escape from the mob. I talk to the driver through the window and yes, this person will take me where I need to go."

On the morning of October 2, a survivor of the mass shooting in Las Vegas the night before told CNN viewers of fleeing desperately with her friend. When they came upon a couple in a car, they begged through the window to be let in. The driver showed them his badge and not only let them in but took them to the police station, where he and his companion were both employed.

At least five other dreamers appeared to "pick up" on the horrific news of October 1 with images and symbols of violence, destruction and/or death.


The target of the 2016 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected randomly from a pool of over 200 images on October 2, 2016.
This features a detail from David’s famous painting of Napoleon’s
coronation of himself in Notre Dame Cathedral, but with a surprise —
TV personality Richard Simmons, manic diet guru, screams from the sideline


The winning 2016 dream entries,
submitted October 1, 2015:

1. One dreamer caught not only the structural but also the zany nature of the target, featuring "several people . . . standing close together" when "someone arrives who. . . becomes very dynamic. He extends his arms and waves them vigorously." Then, after falling, "he leaps up, goes to the right side and poses for a photograph." We found this a very apt description of the photograph of the hyperactive Richard Simmons appearing to the right of Napoleon at his coronation.

2. In two dreams, a participant reported a shape like a "tower of a gothic cathedral"; a television "reporter" hiding his identity by "wearing a funny wig"; and, then of a "large town church." The dreamer noted: "The repeating element in both dreams was a cathedral or castle-like medieval building."

3. Another dream included a ceremony in which a victorious fighter sits on a golden throne with many people around him -- a remarkable correspondence with this epic painting of a military victor's coronation, lavishly embellished with "shining gold colours."

4. A fourth dreamer told of a "spacious and bright room" with "a hard man" who "treats everyone there arrogantly." Then "many people jump on him and block him," very like Napoleon's ultimate fate. The scene shifted to "a room in which there is a work of art" with the dreamer "inside a huge room," very like the setting of our target picture.

5. Another dreamer reported people "piling up, crowding around" with one "creepy guy getting too close."

The target of the 2015 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
a 19th century painting called "Spartan Boys Practicing Archery,"
was selected randomly from a pool of 225 images on October 4, 2015:


The winning 2015 dream entries,
submitted October 3, 2015:

1. One dreamer found himself "somewhere in the mountains of Greece" where he followed a young boy.

2. After describing a brochure picturing guys, one dreamer found himself at an outdoor concert where a member of the band, and then men and boys in the audience, took off their clothes.

3. A third dreamer was in an ancient Greek settlement where a naked goddess was configured with male genitalia.

4. Citing ancient Greece, another titled his dream “Greek Party for One" and then described 1) a character who took off her clothes and 2) action/war movie figures, modern day equivalents of the Spartans.

5. Another reported a "possibly Graeco-Roman figure," a Greek helmet and then a person who appears to have become an oil painting.

NOTE: The most recent contests (above) lauded five remarkable dreamers, but in earlier contests, a single first-place “winner” was chosen, as in the results below.

Target of the 2014 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected randomly October 5, 2014:

The winning 2014 entry,
submitted October 4, 2014:

At the outset of the winning dream, the dreamer found herself riding bicycles with her father. But then he fell, and when the dreamer rushed to see to him, she discovered that her father was now a horse, “bay-colored . . . with white fetlocks, a white nose and forehead, and a glossy dark mane.” While we can't quite see the nose color of our target horse, everything else about her dream horse matches the target.

Target of the 2013 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected September 29, 2013:


The winning 2013 entry,
September 28, 2013:

A dream titled "Standing Stones" captured several features of our target picture of Neo-Druids performing a ceremony at Stonehenge, including "going to a meeting of some kind," passing by a "lonely place" and coming to a place "high up with a 270 degree view." But just as impressive were accurate and bolded descriptions: Theme - Ancient Stonework; Emotions - ancient mystery, unknown reason for being; Major structural elements - large stones that have been hewn; Intense, repeated, unexpected, non-fitting elements - hewn stone with hidden area and hidden meaning for it's being there. The dreamer ended her report with the observation that her initial impression was of Stonehenge!


Target of the 2012 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected September 30, 2012:


The winning 2012 entry,
September 29, 2012:

The target, randomly selected from a pool of 136 images, is a painting by Jan Vermeer called "The Geographer." The winning dream account was titled "Picture at an Exhibition" and described a scene that was "indoors, in a small, late 19th century style drawing room, dull muted colors," featuring the figure of a 30-ish man. Then the dreamer described a painting that was 9 x 12 inches whereupon, "The word Vermeer pops into my head, and I have the impression that the painting has something to do with him." A little later the dreamer encountered a man "who attacks me with what looks like a Swiss army knife, with the large blade extended but also oddly with the little scissors sticking out perpendicularly in the middle." Our geographer holds a compass that resembles scissors sticking out perpendicularly. In addition, the dreamer was able to emphasize most of the elements that corresponded to the target in bold (as shown here) -- a remarkable win!


Target of the 2011 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected October 2, 2011:


 The winning 2011 entry,
October 1, 2011:

The winning dreamer predicted that the target would be about "a concert, music or a band" following a dream series that included going to a concert, going into a bar and pouring beer. The target photo features a DJ playing music in a bar with windows made of beer bottles.


Target of the 2010 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected October 3, 2010:


The winning 2010 entry,
October 2, 2010:

First a "zebra horse . . .white and black . . . " and then "circles and the Cirque du Soleil." Our target horse wears a white blanket with black strap, lettering and numbers. Most prominent is the number 8, in a font that looks like two circles. The photo, of the Japanese race horse Dream Journey, has been taken at a race track, also circular, and which also carries a sense of performance feats comparable to those featured in the Cirque du Soleil.


Target of the 2009 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected October 4, 2009:



The winning 2009 entry,
October 3, 2009:

When the dream began it was "a little overcast, not sunny, in the city" and later, the dreamer found herself inside a church with people "moving, sitting, kneeling, standing, then a group of musicians came in . . . playing their instruments, guitars, hand held instruments and even a bagpipe." The target shows a group of musicians posing with guitars on the south lawn during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in 2008.


Target of the 2008 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected September 28, 2008


The winning 2008 entry,
September 27, 2008:

The winning dreamer found herself at a fairground, on a ride that "involved being dropped in a cage from the top of a very tall building." Then she dreamt of a man on a bicycle wearing a striped jacket who shows her "two things combined." He wears a straw boater and has something red in a basket. Our target was a circus poster from the turn of the last century featuring divers who plunge from the top of a circus tent into three feet of water. The "two things combined together" recalled "Adam Forpaugh and Sells Brothers" and the straw boater was a popular style during the era of this poster. The diving team wears stripes and the way "something red" stands out in the dream suggests the one diver who reenacts the "Count of Monte Cristo" by diving bound in a red sack.


Target of the 2007 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected October 1, 2007:


The winning 2007 entry,
September 30, 2007:

The winning dream was titled "She Sticks Her Neck Out" and featured "a statue of a woman . . . levitated  . . . the head and shoulders . . . higher than the rest. It's beige in color. I see that the neck of the statue is rather long . . ." (The dreamer added that the afternoon before the dream, "for no reason," she "started singing a chant she hadn't sung in years . . . 'There's a river of birds in migration, a nation of women with wings.'" )


Target of the 2006 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected October 5, 2006:



The winning 2006 entry,
October 4, 2006:

The winning dreamer reported a sequence that began with "a town in Europe," then a scene that "feels European.... daytime, very clear blue sky...there is an open, clean feeling." Subsequent dreams featured a scene "somewhere in Europe," and "water around," and then a "Water Town" where "the streets are water..."The target is a painting titled "Boating" by Edouard Manet, depicting a couple on the water near Paris.


Target of the 2005 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected September 29, 2005:


The 2005 winning dream entries,
September 28, 2005:

Two dreamers shared first prize. The first reported a dream that took place "in Victorian times" when it is "evening, almost dark." It features a "young woman who runs away" from a man who "pursues her but she's too fast for him." The second dreamer won for details in a sequence of dreams that included references to a child in jeopardy; a lone woman praying and mired; a little boy; balancing as on a tightrope; and children in danger on slippery ice and snow. Our target, an illustration from the 19th century novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin," depicts the slave Eliza who, having learned that her son has been sold, flees with him to the north across the Ohio River, pursued by men and dogs.


Target of the 2004 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected September 30, 2004:


The 2004 winning dream entry,
September 28, 2004:

"I am on a group bus tour of led by a young Indian faculty member. We visit many places, but my strongest impression is of the countryside we visit. We travel through a vast, wide plain, with some small snow-covered mountains in the near-distance, white ridges of snow against purple." Our target, called "Spring at Bathurst," depicts a vast, wide plain -- in Australia.


Target of the 2003 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected October 2, 2003:


The 2003 winning dream entry,
October 1, 2003:

"Running through an open field in the early evening when I noticed teenage Indian boys flying down from the sky... they continued to run as they reached the ground. Right before they touched down they were removing their white pants to reveal a blue pair underneath. I was concerned they would run over me." In our target, from "Plains Indians Drawings, 1865 - 1935," we have plural male Indians running across the Plains; one is wearing blue pants and another white pants; and one is running down his victim as he shoots him.



Target of the 2002 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest,
selected September 28, 2002:


The 2002 winning dream entry,
September 27, 2002:

After describing a male figure that was "overweight and has white/gray hair," the dreamer then reported being outside viewing a cityscape with another woman. They look at a "high rise building off in the distance," and she "points to the Empire State Building." The target, the cover of the New Yorker magazine on Dec. 10, 1927, displays an outdoor Manhattan scene featuring a portly, white-haired doorman and a woman looking up at a high rise building in the background.

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