Long Term Journal Keeping

Dream journalers have been holding panels since the 1996 IASD conference (click here to see a collection of the panel abstracts).
Here is a sampling of papers presented on the panel, and elsewhere too!


After designing a database for dream records to observe 600 dreams I coined the term "arabesque" to describe the amazing linkages I discovered. I continued to frame the notion of expansive synchronicities in Earwigs and Arabesques: Dreaming in the Multiverse. This included a diagram for dream plotting, later published in DreamTime magazine, that could be useful for others.

Studying Synchronicity in Dreams: A Visit from the Viper recounts a wild dream that proved to be prescient in more ways than one.

This 2015 presentation was a Powerpoint that's been converted here to a pdf: Observing Psi Dreams from the Shoulders of a Giant Applying Montague Ullman's reflections in his paper "On the Relevance of Quantum Concepts to Dreaming Consciousness" to a 15 year review of dream journal synchronicities.

One of my all time favorites is Ed Wirth's paper, Sleeping with Plants: A Low Tech Approach to Dream Enhancement  or "How One Dreamer Tripled his Incidence of Synchronicities and Precogs by Sleeping with a Common Herb."

A panel at the Washington, D.C. conference addressed "Dreaming: The Future-- Can We Change It?" I speculated on dreams and psi in Ruminations of a Dream Journalist.

The paper I presented at the 1999 conference, Dreaming in a Liminal Time, was based on the dreams that caregivers of the dying reported in my book, Parting Company.

When I heard Lou Hagood's presentation, Amazing Grace...In Your Dreams, at the conference in Montreal, I wanted to stand up and cheer, so I'm delighted to make it available here. This wasn't part of the Long Term Journal Keeping panel, but it could have been  -- enjoy!

Our 1998 panel included Linda Lane Magallon's fun and friendly reflections on sociable dreaming.

For a philosophical overview, read Dennis Schmidt on the naturalist's approach to dream study and why it matters. For a longer, thorough and scholarly treatment of personal dream study, see his excellent Stretched Dream Science: The Essential Contribution of Long-Term Naturalistic Studies.

Finally, in case you're brand new to these notions, here's advice on writing down your dreams.

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