On Precognitive Dreaming

I have been inviting dreamers to participate in precognitive dream studies since 1991. For a recent overview, check out the summary of the PsiberDreaming Conference Precognitive Dream Contests held during IASD's Psiberdreaming Conferences.

Critical Thinking for Psi Dreamers, Gloria Sturzenacker's presentation at the 2007 IASD conference, offers a general system of evaluation for anyone interested in precognition or, for that matter, psi phenomena in general. (Note: The link in this paper to a PDF-format list of metacepts is not active.).)

Many thanks to author Robert Waggoner, chair of the Lucid Dreaming Foundation, for permission to post his excellent paper, Identifying Precognitive Dreams Through Patterns: A Prospective Approach. This is loaded with useful suggestions for anyone interested in studying incidents of precognition in their own dreams, and those of others too!

In earlier studies, the target we tried to dream of ahead of time was the front page of a future newspaper. Below are the reports of those studies. The population of dreamers was different in every case-- one was a group who attended a book signing; another was the readership of a metropolitan newspaper; and the third was comprised of members of a dream class. There is also a report on an far flung experiment conducted when the Internet was young.

It's best to read these in order. See if you agree with the judges!

#1 A Public Experiment in Precognitive Dreaming
This paper was presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams in 1993.

#2 The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Dream Experiment
This time, a newspaper columnist ran a piece on the experiment, and readers sent in their dreams.

#3 The Precognitive Dream Experiment by the Lily Dale "Joy of Dreaming" Class
With participants from many states, our target was a national newspaper.

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